[NB] beta 8, odd thing with updater

I’m a little hesitant, but you’ll understand that.

  • I updated, I thought, on the last day of previous version, and afterwards continued to be able to run Scrivener.
  • however, which version? I kept feeling some kind of cognitive dissonance with mentions of beta 8 ,wasn’t I on the latest?
  • today, I checked with more care, and indeed I was running on beta 7. So said the about, and the update check.
  • I let the self-update run once again, and now I am indeed on beta 8

Thus, what appears to have happened is that I got either a partial or not-really self-update. It proceeded enough to allow the remaining portion of beta 7 to go past the deadline. Unless that always would run past the deadline?

Generally quite stable and always up-to-date Win10, used constandly for intense things.

It is possible, in vague memory, that I originally got distracted from returning to the self-update after it had downloaded, and if that memory is correct (it’s about some program, not necessarily Scrivener), then an hour or so might have elapsed between the self-update download and actually running it.

Shouldn’t matter, and run it I did, or I don’t think I’d have been allowed to continue running Scrivener beta these weeks. Unless there’s a bug which allowed that anyway.

…I know…


Hi Clive, It sounds like it all worked properly. The previous beta, that expired at the end of July, was Beta 6. We released Beta 7, which you pulled via the auto-updater, but then found a serious saving bug in it and released Beta 8 the following day. Both 7 and 8 had a 31 September expiration date, so you’d have been able to continue running Beta 7 after the initial update, but with the Beta 8 release were prompted by the check for updates to download that more recent version. So you’re on the current beta and will be able to run it through 31 September. :slight_smile:

Ok, great – kind of had the thought it might be something like that

Thanks, Jennifer :wink: