[NB] Bug in Beta Split Screen Issue

I downloaded the update as soon as it became available this morning (12.21.19) and immediately found that when the screen is split, although two different documents are active windows, the document only changes on the left side. This happened a few months ago and I believe was resolved by the next update but now it has returned.

Sorry, I don’t have Scrivener in front of me, but check your Binder Affects setting. You should set it to something like ‘Active Pane’, for both windows to be switchable.

The Binder Affects setting will either be under the View or Navigate menus.


Thank you for your help, Jim. Yes, that did it: Navigate–Binder Selection Affects-and make sure current editor is selected. Apparently when I updated to the latest beta, it defaults to something else.

L&L- my apologies for the bogus bug report. Please disregard.