[NB] Can I setup more than one instance of sync->external folder (feature request?)

Is it possible to set up multiple instances of sync->external folder? E.g. I want to collaborate with two people, but want to control the files that each person can access.

There isn’t a way of doing that, and it would take a rather large amount of work to internally restructure things so that they could be, so I wouldn’t expect to see anything like that in the near future.

Incidentally, the beta version offers some alternatives for collaboration. This wouldn’t provide syncing, to be clear, but if you go into the General Options tab in the compiler, you’ll find a setting toward the bottom to insert back-links to the project resources. These would only work for those with the project, and so would be ignored by collaborators. What it would let you do is send out compiled documents that they could perhaps more easily work with in their tools. You could then import their file and use the links to jump to the original text, merging changes in as needed. And since all of that hinges off of compiling, you can of course easily filter out what a particular proof copy should have made available to it.

It’s a useful trick to know of, for yourself as well. I sometimes compile PDFs with these links and drop that into the left split. I can then proofread the text “as printed”, and click on the links to jump straight to the source text in the other split to fix problems I spot.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I’ll look into that.

Not automatically. At least, not with Sync.


You can do this manually with Sync.

I have my main Sync folder set up as

I set Project A to sync to C:/WRI/__ExternalSync/Project A.

Now, if I want each person to be working on separate files, not seeing what each other is doing, then I can (manually) set them up to be synced to C:/WRI/__ExternalSync/Project A_1 and C:/WRI/__ExternalSync/Project A_2. This means several pieces of manual work each time I sync anew (set to a new sync;sync; set to a new sync; sync; reset the sync to the old sync; sync).

There is a way of controlling which pieces go into which: collections. But that means you’ll need some designator to say “this is jim’s” and “this is patty’s”, which would perhaps go best in the Title of each document. So you might have “Mating habits of drunk butterflies [Jim]” and “swallowtails in Afghanistan [Patty]” as document titles, and those words in brackets don’t get used anywhere else. Then search on those keywords, drag them into their collections (you’ll need a collection for each), and, in sync:

You might not want everything checked that I have, but if you want to control who has what, so they have some things and not others… collections is one way to control your output sync. Just be sure jim’s stuff goes to jim’s directory. :wink:

The answer is still “no” not automatically, but if you prepare your project and directories correctly, you can do this in a very few steps manually.

I hope that helps.

There may be other ways to do this, as well; they just don’t come to mind at the moment.

Thanks for that too - I don’t mind manual setup, at least it’s under my control.

Sync with external folder exports a flat list of files.

The Export Files and Folders command replicates the Binder hierarchy, which means that in theory you could have a folder for Jim and a folder for Patty, and use operating system permissions to control access.

The downside is that re-importing would be a completely manual process. You wouldn’t have any of the information that Scrivener uses when managing a synced folder.


But sync can sync limited to documents in only one collection. This should work both ways, right? Export and import? Then you would have that information, right?

Sync will work both ways. I was suggesting manual export/import as an alternative that gets around the single folder limitation.