[NB] [Candidate 10] "Backup To" Directory - Location Does Not Work

Problem: Changing the directory for “File”>“Backup To” does not display changes made under Location tag.

  1. Made changes of backup directory through Options and Project Settings.

  2. Selected “Backup To”

  3. Location does not change.

However, when you select “Backup Now”, the backup works for the proper directory previously set. :smiling_imp:

This is how it is intended to work. The settings in Options are for the automatic backups, which run according to the preferences there–every time the project closes, for instance, or when you manually save. Selecting “Back Up Now” is just a way to run the automatic backup at any arbitrary time, so it uses all these same settings for automatic backups and the backup created is included in the count when determining how many recent automatic backups to keep (e.g. you may have Scrivener set to keep only the 10 most recent backups; a backup created via Back Up Now will be one of these.)

“Back Up To…” is entirely separate from the automatic backups, allowing you to choose whatever location you like, provide a custom name for the backup, and determine whether the backup should be zipped or not, independent of the settings for your automatic backups.

Exactly as you suggest. I’ve taken a short break from Scrivener and already I was confusing myself. Thanks!