[NB] Can't Increase Binder Font Size

So far I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, including searching the forum, but I can’t find a way to increase the size of the Binder font in the current Windows Beta. Is this a bug, or an overlooked feature? On my monitor, for my eyes, I use 175% on the editor and would like to increase the Binder font size to at least 125% of what it is now. It’s currently too small. I’m sure there are others with this problem. Again, I don’t know if this is a feature request or not but it is certainly a problem. Thanks for listening. -Don

Your text indicates you haven’t found the function to do that, so this is where it’s supposed to be.

File > Options (F12)

Appearance (fourth in the top row of icons)

Fonts (Bottom section)

General > Binder
Click Select Font
It should pop up a window and let you select a new font and size. Then, click ok, and then click Apply. The font and size should change to what you selected.

You have set me straight. Thank you very much, it worked perfectly. :smiley:

That’s Tools/Options, not File, for me. F12 works too and the rest is OK, but I’d hoped this would make dragging binder elements into a new position easier. It doesn’t, much, and they still slip into the wrong level more often than not. Probably to do with the high dpi of my screen, I expect.

Options were moved from ‘Tools’ to ‘File’ in the move from Scrivener 1 to Scrivener 3 Beta.

Another binder option you may find useful, then, is File → Options → Appearance → Binder → Binder Items Spacing. This helps me a little with the misplacement issue.

Another possibility is to slow down the pointer speed while shifting items in the binder (In Windows → Control Panel → Hardware (etc) → Mouse → Pointer Options). Be nice if there was a hotkey to change pointer speed on the fly (and no doubt it’s doable with AutoHotKey).