[NB] Comment icon missing from the customize toolbar dialog window!!!

Where is it? I don’t see it. This is available in scrivener 1 for windows but not in scrivener 3 beta. A lot of other icons are missing from this dialog window which is available in scrivener 1 for windows and scrivener 3 for Mac. It’s bad enough that an “add comment” option is not available in the right click context menu, but not having the comment icon in the customize toolbar dialog window is unacceptable. Is there another way of getting it onto the toolbar? Also, please add the option of inserting a comment from the context menu. Ugh!

Hello ScrivTex!

Under View > Customize Toolbars you should see a list of all available icons for the main toolbar by default. Towards the top-right corner of that screen you should see two options - Main Toolbar and Format Toolbar, with Main Toolbar highlighted. Click on Format Toolbar to switch over and you should find the comment icon there.

Hope this helps!

I see it now. Thanks!