[NB] Comments/Footnotes

Hi there, I don’t know if this is a bug or if I’m just doing something wrong, but I’m unable to do comments/footnotes. The comment and footnote buttons don’t do anything when I click them. Maybe it’s been mentioned already and I just missed it, if so, apologies.

Hello! Can I get some more information on your issue? These questions will help us narrow in on the problem.

  • Is this a consistent problem or does it only occur at certain times?
  • Does it occur if you create a new blank project?
  • How are you attempting to create comments and footnotes, through the menus, the inspector, or shortcuts?

Thank you.

Further question from a user, not a member of the team: have you by any chance trying to add footnotes in a “Scrivenings” session. If you are—you have more than one document visible in the editor—the footnote and endnote entry systems are disabled, as I discovered myself. It was the case in, and is, it seems, still there, and presumably will be until Scrivenings editing à la Mac is implemented.


Problem solved, thanks to Xiamenese. Apparently I was in scrivenings mode, sorry about that. :blush:

Thank you, this is what I had done. Appreciate the help!

No problem. Glad it got sorted out!