[NB] Compilation problem


I use the last version of the Beta ((Version : (211324) 64-bit) and I have a very problematic bug with the compilation of one of my documents.

When I try to compile, the include section is empty. So, I can’t export my work.

I tried with another older document, it works. Do you know what could be the problem and how I can export my writings ?

Second question, do you know when we will have a final and stable version of Scrivener 3 on Windows ?



To clarify, no documents are showing up at all in the compile list? Are they in the Draft folder of the Binder?

As to your second question, I can’t say when we’ll see a completed release. But know we are working on it and would love to get it to you just as much as you’d like to get it from us :wink:

Hello and thank you for your fast reply.

I solved my problem, but I am not sure to understand why. I had to put all my docs in the Draft folder and could see it again in the compile list. If I put it outside, nothing appears. In the drop down menu I could only see Draft & Current selection. Even if I select all my documents, I doesn’t appear in the compile list.

Good luck with the development, I know it is a lot of work. :wink:

Yep, that’s the function of the Draft folder. Nothing outside that folder will ever be included in compile. This allows you to use other folders in the binder for extraneous notes, research, old drafts, etc. without having to worry that they will accidentally end up in your final product.

Oh thank you for the “feature not bug” information. :wink: