[NB] Compile Doesn't Work

I can’t get compile to do anything on The progress bar moves to 3% and then directly to completed. The generated file is empty. Help!

It’s kind of buried at the end of the latest beta update, but it appears they’re not done implementing the compile functionallity:


Compiling a document into a .doc file or an epub works flawless. I also see the behaviour of starting the progress bar and after a second it rushes to the end. But my file is not empty.
I still have problems with showing a title page and the table of content of the epub doesn’t show the chapter names, but the file is okay, you can read it and the formatting is as expected.

Are you sure you have chosen the right settings what to include for compiling? Set the checkmark to all the text snippets you want to export? Do you have assigned the correct section type?

Ok, got it. Somehow my Manuscript folder was no longer being recognized properly. I must have changed the format. I reloaded everything into a new project and now it’s working. Thanks for helping me to troubleshoot.