[NB] Compile formats missing

The preset formatting types under “Scrivener Formats” such as Novel or Screenplay are missing. There’s now only three: Basic MultiMarkdown, Basic Pandoc, and Markdown Outline.

Those are the default format types for Multimarkdown compiling. The formats you cite will still be there when you switch back to PDF, RTF, or DOCX.

Oh, it filters based on Compile For. Is that new?

From 1.9 yes. But it has been in the Beta for a while now.

I’ve been using 12 until today (I never close scrivener or shutdown my computer) so I guess that’s why it surprised me.

Oh, yeah that might. We highly recommend using the latest beta version whenever it comes out, as bugs are being fixed and features added with each iteration. It’s also helpful for us to know that all of our beta testers are using the same version of the program (hence the expiration dates when the next version comes out).

Yeah, that’s why I’ve held off on posting bug reports. I used to be a programmer and dealing with old versions was a pain, so I wouldn’t inflict that on another dev.

I had it open for so long because I didn’t want to switch versions until the Segoe UI bug was fixed, but then I found Leelawadee UI is the same (except for pseudo-italics). Still had all my comments in my current project convert to Arial though, as well as this happening in some files:

-{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0\fprq2 LeelawadeeUI;}{\f1\fnil\fcharset0\fprq2 SegoeUI;}{\f2\fnil\fcharset0\fprq2 LeelawadeeUI;}}
+{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0\fprq2 LeelawadeeUI;}{\f1\fnil\fcharset0\fprq2 ArialMT;}{\f2\fnil\fcharset0\fprq2 LeelawadeeUI;}}