[NB] Copyholder as independent window

Is it possible to have the copyholder appear as a fully-functioning independent window in Windows? It doesn’t seem possible, for instance to move the copyholder to another desktop.

No, I don’t think so. For your purpose there is the Quick Reference (e.g. Right click in Binder > Open > as Quick reference).

Yeah, that’s exactly what a Quick Reference panel is. An easier way of opening a Copyholder into one is to click the little icon that has an arrow coming out of a box, up by the “X” button where you’d close it. That will open the document in a new window and close the Copyholder.

Thank you! I see how the quick reference works. My question is, is there a reason why the quickreference cannot be “maximized?” It seems to behave differently from other windows.

I currently have two monitors, and the quickreference can be placed on a separate screen, but not as a full screen window; it’s also not possible to move the quickreference window into a separate desktop (with Windows+Tab).

I suppose this has to do with something under the hood?

Yeah, I was wondering about this myself. Additionally, in Win7 & Win10, windows can be dragged to the side of the desktop and are automatically ‘pinned’ at half size to that side. The beta’s Quick ref windows don’t support this.

Is that a feature or a bug?

If a feature, can someone from L&L please explain the thinking that underlies this limitation?


I think part of what you are looking at is how QR panels are set to float by default (check Window menu). That setting interferes with a window’s ability to be a freestanding thing in another virtual desktop, I would imagine. Turn that option off and you’ll be able to spread them out.

It’s likely that condition, or their ability to be set to that condition at all, is behind why they don’t respond to normal window management requests, too. But that’s an educated guess.

Thanks Ioa.

The “Keep QR Panels on Top” setting doesn’t affect the QR panels ability to be minimized, maximized, or act like normal windows–at least not in the current Beta.

Hi guys, we have added the ability so that QR windows can be minimized, maximized, or act like normal windows in the next beta.

Thank you! That will make them super flexible. What great news to start the morning with.

You guys are awesome! :smiley: