[NB] Corkboard Options items not working

In corkboard view, Corkboard Option items, accessed via View > Corkboard Options or Corkboard Options button at bottom right of editor screen, aren’t working. Apologies if this is listed as not yet implemented/complete.

Working for me in on a beta created project and a 1.x converted one. I’m on Windows 7.

You need to be in Corkboard mode first, Then you will have access to all the corkboard options. :open_mouth:

Is this occurring for you with all the Corkboard Options or are there specific ones that aren’t working?

Apologies for my delay in responding.

As memory serves (or doesn’t), I don’t believe any of them were working for me back then ( I could be wrong.

In, all but Cards Across appear to be working for me. This holds true for both a project imported from 1.9 and a new project created in “Auto” works, but values 1 through 10 don’t appear to be applied.


Thanks for getting back to me! Finally one more question: When Cards Across is not working for you, is “Fit to Editor” checked or unchecked? I ask because if unchecked the Cards Across number will be overridden by the size/spacing/ratio options.

Correct. With “Size to fit editor” unchecked, “Cards across” is overriden. Thanks.