[NB] Default style problem

In Format / Style / Set Default Formatting I set the default style to “Body Text” . When I create a new document, it starts off with that style, but as soon as I hit Return (Enter), it changes to “No Style”.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?



You don’t need Body Text as a style. Think about styles as elements of the text that you want to format differently, from the ‘default style’ of the main body of text.
To set the formatting of the “No Style” go to Options > Editing > Formatting and change the “Main text style for new documents” box.

I’ve tried that. I changed the font in “Main Test Style for New Documents” to 12 point Times New Roman. But in “No Style” I’m getting 13 point Calibri. I’ve gone back to Options / Editing / Formating to make sure it’s still set on Times 12, but I keep gettting Calibri 13.

“No Style” is still set to Calibri 13. Is there another place I need to be setting this default font to Time New Roman 12?



As the title says “Main Test Style for New Documents” this is for NEW documents only.

You’ll have to go to Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting… if you want to convert already created documents.

That’s what I’m talking about. Whenever I create a NEW document, it automatically has 13 point Calibri as the font, even though I have the default set to 12 point Times Roman.

I’m using the latest beta, and it works for me, so I have to ask: Does the font change applies properly in the preview box?

Yes it does. I even tried changing it to Broadway (a fairly bizarre font) and it changed to Broadway in the preview box. But when I create a new document, it’s not Broadway, it’s still stuck on 13 point Calibri. I must be missing a step here somewhere :cry:

… and you mean new document in the binder, not a new project or a new paragraph in an existing binder document?


Have you checked Project > Project Settings > Formatting? Is “Use different formatting for new documents in this project” ticked?



OK I found the problem. I was in the wrong place. I went to format/ Style / Set default Formating and it was set to Calibri 13. I changed it to Times Roman 12 and Voilla!

Thanks everyone for the tips. I learned a lot from this experience.