[NB] Editor View

On 1.9 the default view on a big screen (with the inspector closed) looks like this …

It’s kind of the equivalent of Web View in a regular word processor,

In the Beta the default view looks like this …

Which is more Print View. Is there a way of switching between the two on the new Scrivener, so that I can switch to the Web View style display, which is better for some of the projects I have that are not intended to be printed out?


Under File > Options > Appearance > Main Editor, deselect “Use fixed width editor”. You can also adjust the width of the fixed width space here. (It will not immediately affect the currently loaded document, but you will see it after switching documents in the editor.)

Thank you. It will be interesting to see if this setting is specific to the current project, or if changing it changes the setting for all projects,

Settings in the Options are global, applying to all projects.