[NB] EM dash

When pressing three hyphens to obtain the ‘em’ dash there is a dash afterwards which forces me to backspace to delete/remove it. Also unless I’m doing something wrong or its not implemented, when I try to use a combo of ctrl+shift± or alt+shift± nothing happens.

Beta ver: 29.0.16 (64 bit), Win ver 10 1903 (64 bit Home)

This is also the case with current Windows version 1.9.9

On the Mac 2 hyphens gives em-dash; is that not the case for Windows?


There are 3 types; the hyphen -, the en – and the em —. No I’m not trying to belittle you. Various writing programs, such as Word require me to use ctrl+shift± (from the numpad) to obtain the em. For Scrivener I just have to use the hyphen three times and it changes to an em style. I suppose other programs have their own way but my point being is that Scrivener leaves an extra dash afterwords. I’m hypothesizing this may be due to me having to press the hyphen instead of using combo keystrokes.

Not a Windows user, but the Windows manual says double hyphens (not triple hyphens) are replaced with em dashes.

Sounds as if your first two keystrokes create an em dash and the third creates the redundant hyphen that you are then having to delete. Perhaps.

Slàinte mhòr.

Double hyphens only give me 2 dashes --, when the 3rd hyphen is added then it instantly becomes an em dash. Try it slowly in the Windows Scrivener.

Two hyphens and a space, not three hyphens. Works?

Slàinte mhòr.

2 hyphens is what I’ve always used to add an em dash. Never had a problem.

I just did an extensive 30-second test and found: typing two hyphens leaves two hyphens – . Typing two hyphens followed by any character (alpha-numeric, space, new paragraph, punctuation–including a third hyphen) produces an em dash — , followed by the character (alpha-numeric, space, new paragraph, punctuation–or the third hyphen). IOW, the conversion of the two hyphens to the em dash is only triggered by typing another character after them.

And if you type 3 hyphens and a space, you also get an em-dash. If you type 4 hyphens and a space you get an em-dash and another character (which right now renders as an unrenderable box). I’m not sure this is deliberate. If you type a continuous string of hyphens, that sequence will repeat ad nauseum.

Scriv Beta 16 does not have this behavior in the document name/title or the synopsis, but it does in notes and documents.