[NB] Front- and Backmatter root folders are not exported to MultiMarkdown (beta 13)

If a front matter contains some text in the “root” node, this text is not exported. Same for the backmatter. (sample project here)

The same document from above looks like this:

Backmatter is formatted in a similar way. Chapter 1 is also formatted in the same way.

Then I run compile, select MultiMarkdown with Default settings (everything “as is”) and select “Front matter” and “Back matter” folders for my front- and backmatter.

The result does not contain lines “Front matter starts here!” and “Back matter starts here!”:

This was working correctly in Beta 12.

Still broken in beta 14.

Indeed this is how we want it to work and this is how it works under Mac too. The root folder text content is not included in the front/back matter. Only the front/back matter content files are included. The content view also shows only the subchildren documents, so you whould not expect the root folders text being compiled. You can easily move the root folder text into a subfile and have it included in your compile.