[NB] Instructions for Restore

Let’s say I want to restore .bak1. Or, more realistically, just access it and copy stuff out of it.

If I just try to open it I get a permissions error. I can’t find documentation. I’m sure there is a simple instruction somewhere.

If anyone can either tell me how, or point me to instructions I’ll read, thanks!


You’ve posted this in the Windows Beta forum, so I’m assuming you’re working in Windows Beta Scrivener.

It sounds to me like the backups you’re trying to access may be zipped.

If that’s the case, first thing you need to do is extract the files. In Windows 7 (that’s what I have), it would be right click on the zipped file name and Extract All.

Then rename the top level folder that was just extracted, to something other than the it’s current name. So if it’s currently called MyBook.bak1, rename it to MyBookRESTORE.bak1.

Then open that folder and double-click on the .scriv project folder. That will launch your RESTORE project in Scrivener, and you can work in it as usual.

Thanks JIMRAC,

Your assumption was correct, this is all I needed, worked fine, much appreciated, cheers:)


Random question to the OP. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’re wanting to go back to a previous version of some of your text. If that’s so have you looked into using snapshots?