[NB] Interactive Tutorial in v3 not responding

I click it in the Help menu, but nada happens. I though it might be a lost or damaged file, so I reinstalled the beta, but still nothing.

I have both v1 and the beat installed. Am I just thinking it was working and it was in reality the v1 tutorial I am recalling?

If not, what do I need to do to get the tutorial back?

First question: where do you have each copy of Scrivener installed?

When I was first getting the production version and beta set up side-by-side, I had inadvertently over-written the production directory. I had to uninstall both versions, remove the installation directories, then reboot.

Then I re-downloaded each installer and unblocked them both.

I then ran the 1.9.7 installer (Run as Admin) and accepted the default location (C:\Program Files x86\Scrivener since I am on Windows 10 64-bit). Ran it, re-registered and activated it. Made sure I had the binary properties (compatibility, high DPI, etc.) set the way they were before. Pin the 1.9.7 icon to my taskbar, open it, check out tutorial, help, manual. Everything is good.

I then ran the 3.x x64 beta installer (Run as Admin) and created a new location under C:\Program Files\Scrivener for installation. Ran the installer. I have not touched the binary properties at this time. Pin the beta icon to my taskbar, open it, and check out the tutorial, help, and manual. Everything should be good for you at that point.

I messed stuff up re-running the 1.9.7 installer after upgrading to the beta, so that’s why I went through the detailed steps above. Hope this helps you.

Devin, I have them both installed in the default folders: 1.9.7 in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener\Scrivener.exe” and in “C:\Program Files\Scrivener\Scrivener.exe”.

I wonder though, based on what you said and what I did, if, by having v2.9.0.3 already installed and THEN installing 1.9.7, I overwrote some key file.or registry entry.

Maybe I should uninstall both, start over, and put 1.9.7 in first and THEN 2.9.03.



Devin, you were correct. I uninstalled both versions, and then installed v1.x first and then the v3 beta, and now it appears that both tutorials are operational.

Many thanks.


Glad to hear it!