[NB] Manuscript Target not Updating

I did a search for this bug but couldn’t find anything recent. I’m sure there’s something out there lol. I can just never find them using the search function so I apologize if this is a duplicate bug report.

I’m using release candidate 3 on a windows 10 64bit operating system.

My manuscript target got stuck last night and hasn’t moved despite the fact that I’ve written at least another 1500 words. You can see the discrepancy in the image I’ve attached. It doesn’t move no matter how much I type into the manuscript. I’ve checked to make sure all the documents are nested in the manuscript folder and I’ve checked all my Project target settings. I’ve also tried closing and restarting the program.

It seemed to just start last night and I haven’t changed anything about my project that I know of.

Ugh. Please ignore this post. I figured it out. One of the documents I was typing in had somehow been unchecked for include in compile. It must have been an accidental mouse click. Took me hours to notice it.