[NB] Margins

I am a bit concerned by what I’ve seen - or, more accurately, haven’t seen - in the beta regarding margins.

In my current edition of Scrivener it is extremely easy to edit my margin preferences.

There are two ways I know and love to adjust them.

The first is the one available right in the main editor by clicking on the Spacing formatting drop down menu (next to fonts) > More. This lovely box (pictured below) comes up and assists me in changing all my spacing for that particular page. It allows me to add a first hanging indentation. This feature is important to me because I don’t always set up my document appropriately at first, and I like my research and reference pages to be set up differently, so it allows me to change it for my viewing pleasure.

Then, you can easily set it up as default for all new pages in the options > editor > indentation/margin drop down (next to font - no idea what this is actually called) > More.

But, in 3.0, that screen is different. There is no indentation option, now it is just spacing.

Where, oh where, did the indentations go?

I thought this version was supposed to be more user friendly, but for the life of me I cannot figure out such a simple thing (like margins - which previously were so easy to adjust).

You will find the setting on the “Format” menu, Choose “Paragraph” then “Tabs and Indents…”

Thanks for that information!
You’ve alleviated my concerns!
Very excited for Scrivener 3 now :slight_smile:

And FYI…

Another setting (that wouldn’t muck with text or style settings) is at

Options → Appearance → Main Editor → “Editor Margins”

I’ve got mine set to 20 points. It puts a nice 20-point margin on all sides of the text of the document (not on the sides of the editor pane, which is what you would think from the name. Not sure if that’s a bug or not).

So, there you go. Two ways to do the same thing, with different functions.

Also, if you show the ruler, you can muck with the text indents using the pointers on it, and likewise in

Options → Editing → Formatting

You can slide the pointers, add tab stops, etc., and you can right click on the ruler and add tabs and indentation settings from that context menu, too.