[NB] Media file in Research

I’m using the very latest Windows 10 and Scrivener 3 Beta for Windows. For some reason I can’t listen to mp3 files in Scrivener. I drag the mp3 file from the File Explorer into Scrivener’s Research. The file appears in Research and I click the play button and the media plays (cursor moves along and the time counts). Only problem is that I can’t hear any sound. And yes, the volume button is right up and the file is sound because I’m able to play it in the VLC media player.

Do I do something wrong?

I would really appreciate if you could help me with this issue . Thank you.

Hi Huskey,

Does this occur with different sound file types, or is it specific to .mp3? Also, does this still occur after closing/reopening the project?

Thank you for your help in this.

Hi Bryan

I just moved a .wav file into Research. Same result as with the .mp3 file - no sound. I also moved a .avi movie clip into Research: clip played as normal but no sound. Closing and reopening the files doesn’t solve the problem.

Thank you for your help. Raimund.

Hi there. Unfortunately I still have this problem. I just would like to add that the media file plays well in VLC after clicking “Open in External Editor”. It just doesn’t play in Scrivener (cursor moves along but no sound).

Does nobody else have this problem? I’m still hopeful to find a solution one day. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just tried this.

On the RIGHT side of the cursor line, you’ll see a greyed-out speaker icon. That’s the volume control. Default is muted. Click it and see where it’s set?


I’ve read through your reply and had a big grin in my face because I’ve tried this without any success for the past few months. I even tried just before writing my last post. Alas, I thought why not one more time after reading your post … and it worked. I think I’m dreaming or going crazy. The only thing I’ve done between the two tries is a Windows Update. Anyway, I don’t give it too many thoughts. I take it and run. Many thanks for your post.

Windows can be a strange beast. Glad it worked.