[NB] Meta-Data Settings

Sorry if this is obvious, but I’m new to Scrivener and recently installed the beta. There are a number of references in the Tutorial for:

…But I’m not able to find this on the Project Menu (or any menu for that matter). Where can I change the $PROJECTTITLE, etc. values in


Project information is set in compile in 3.0. On the right side of the File > Compile… window, click the tag icon at the top to access the fields.

Are you looking at the 1.9.7 tutorial? The 3.0 beta has an updated tutorial project which should reference this correctly. If you’re in the newer tutorial, could you point me to where it’s still referring to the “Meta-Data Settings” so we can correct this for a future update? Thanks!

Thanks! Woops, it was the User Manual. I’m using