[NB]"No Style" settings cross projects. Bug or not?

I different styles for different projects. I do this to change the mood of the project. For example, on a piece that is intended for children, I’ll often use a Century Schoolbook font in large type. On most other projects, I use DejaVu serif at 14 points.

So, I opened a project, and created a new scene. I started typing, and “No style” was suddenly 18 point Century Schoolbook instead of 14 pont DejaVu Serif.

Is “No Style” supposed to carry itself across projects? I wouldn’t think it should. I know in 1.9.7, the Default style was saved per project.

The problem with carrying it across projects is that to change it to our liking for that project, we have to apply a style with each new document added, or change the “No Style” each time we open a different project. More keystrokes, more work, more time used that wasn’t in 1.9.7 or 1.9.8.

“No Style” literally means no style. A style is a piece of metadata associated with text that tells it, e.g., “This chunk of text is a block quote.” That metadata can then be used by Scrivener to change the formatting of that chunk of text (and other chunks of text with the same metadata associated with them) at any point.

Text with no style applied (“No Style”) has no such metadata applied. Text with “No Style” can be formatted however you want. (And users who don’t want to use styles can completely ignore them, leaving everything as “No Style”.)

This is different from a word processor, where all text has a style associated (with base text being “Body” or “Normal”).

So nothing is carrying across projects, because “No Style” literally is nothing.

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When using Scrivener 3 on a Mac, the formatting set in Scrivener > Preferences > Editing > Formatting becomes the default “no style” used by all new files/folders in all Scrivener projects.

I believe this is probably the same for Windows S3 – though the nomenclature might be different – and I think this is probably what you are seeing on your PC.

On a Mac, if you want to set the default “no style” for a specific project, you use the Project > Project Settings > Formatting options to override the global default formatting mentioned above.

That is what I’m seeing.

I need to verify the behavior more rigorously, but I think it’s not actually doing that.

I figured it out. That part is okay, but I found another bug, which I will report in a new topic.