[NB] Options selection color under WINE

So in the options dialogue box, would it be possible to have the highlighted icon a shade darker or so? The current slightly darker grey looks almost like a smudge on my monitor.

We’re still in the process of overhauling Options and there will be some further retooling to the interface, but the selection colour and background are already correct, using the same grey selection highlight as the main window. Your screenshot doesn’t look quite as I’d expect, though. Is this under Wine? That may be messing with things. Here’s a Win10 screenshot for comparison.

to be honest, i already noticed that part is not yet overhauled since it still use the same interface from the previous version ( but in other part of customization, it’s already have the same interface than the mac os version. i actually hope that the window version will get the same interface than mac os which it’s what i really like so far! (despite i never own a single apple device) so, i’m looking forward it :smiley:

Okay, that’s odd. I wonder if changing the theme used for “windows” in WINE would help?