[NB] 'Paste and Match Style' loses links [RC11]

Is this intentional? When I paste into a new document with Crtl-V, links are preserved. When I past into a new document with Crtrl-Shift-V, links are lost.

That can’t be by design, can it?

Easily replicated:

  * I copied the first three paragraphs here: [url]https://neuburger.substack.com/p/was-preserving-the-union-our-other[/url]
  • In Scrivener, hit Ctrl-N (new doc), then Paste (Ctrl-V) — links preserved.

  • In Scrivener, hit Ctrl-N again (another new doc), then Paste and Match Style (Ctrl-Shift-V) — links gone.

(BTW, pasting the contents of the clipboard into the first doc seems to have emptied the clipboard. I had to recopy the source to repaste.)

If this behavior is unintentional, I’d put it on the fix list for the next release. If it’s intentional, I can’t see why it’s desirable. I’m finding it more than a nuisance, especially when pasting into documents with existing formatting.


This is by design inasmuch as Paste and Match Style is simply pasting as plain text, so as a result will lose links. If you need to retain links or special formatting like bold or italics from your source, a better option is to paste normally and then use Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting to match the formatting.