[NB] Placeholders don't compile custom metadata - Only status,label,synopsis and keywords

Indeed custom metadata placeholders work, You have not matched your custom meta data text keys. For example you have to use:



Have in mind that you have to match the text key exactly, i.e. it is case-sensitive. In theory you can have one custom key in small letters and another one with the same text in mixed case/or all upper case letters.

If a text placeholder is empty it is skipped.

Give it a try in Beta 17 and let me know if something is still not working for you.

They are indeed replaced in compile.


Case matters.

In the text, if you type <custom: Sub-Chapter>, and your Custom Metadata has a field titled sub-chapter, without the caps, the compiler doesn’t see Sub-Chapter, and it’s not smart enough or stupid enough to replace one with the other. I will report another bug (yes, I found one in this area) in a new topic.