[NB] Possible to adjust cursor size?

Is there any way to adjust the cursor size? I’m working on a large screen, and I find that when I look away at a page from which I’m transcribing, then back to the screen, I often have to hunt around to find the cursor. Using the Windows settings to change the cursor size doesn’t have any effect that I can see in Scrivener. For the moment I’ve implemented an Autohotkey macro to briefly highlight where the cursor is, and that’s not bad, but if there’s a way to actually change the cursor to something larger or more bold, that would be great.

Indeed there is an option for this. I am not in front of Scrivener at the moment, but look at the editor options for something like cursor block mode and adjust the width of the cursor. Let me know if you still cannot find it.

Yes—would never have found that. It’s in Editing/Options, “Use block insertion point” and you can adjust the width. Thanks!