[NB] Purchase or Beta extension?

The 23rd is rapidly approaching and I’m completely addicted to V3.

I’d like to buy it now, so my work is not interrupted.

If we can’t buy it very soon (next day or two?), can we get the Beta extended another month?

Awesome work and thank you for such a delightful product!

If it’s like previous betas, there will be a new one available for download either on that day or just before. They’ll keep putting them out until the official ScrivWin v3 is released.

Glad you’re enjoying the beta so much. :slight_smile: Although the 3.0 licences aren’t on sale yet, new purchases of the current 1.9.7 version will get a free upgrade to 3.0 when it is officially released. Meanwhile, we will be putting out a new beta shortly that will have an extended expiry date.