[NB] Quick Search Only Lists First Instance

If you use quick search, it only lists one instance of what you’re searching for per document.

This is by design, as the Quick Search only lists a limited number of results overall and so a single document won’t be listed more than once. After you’ve loaded the document from the Quick Search, you can use F3 to jump through to each instance of that word within the text.

Is the Quick Search scope limited to just the current document or more? Can the scope be changed or is that outside the design parameters of the “Quick Search”?

Sorry, never mind. Was going through the Interactive Tutorial and found the answer in the “Going Further” -> “Searching” section, and noticed the two places to do a search from. I was confused at first because both are on the toolbar and the “Quick Search Field” description is well below the actual picture and is not labeled the same (“toolbar search field” in one spot and “Toolbar Quick Search Field” in the other. I was looking for something else with a label that said “Quick Search”. The Quick Search area is shown here:

And a quick search for Outline (typed in “Out”) brings up this:
The other search area (the “Toolbar Magnifying Glass Button”) is where you can specify/define the scope you want to use. And the F3 keypress to find the next occurrence within a document works for both types of search.