[NB] [RC8] Down key missing typical Windows functionality

In text editors, if you click the middle of a line and press the down key, the cursor will stay roughly in the same spot as it travels downward. Then when it gets to the last line, if you press the down arrow again, it will jump to the end of the line. Scrivener doesn’t react this way after reaching the last line. The cursor will stay in the middle of the line

Hm, I’m not seeing this on my end. If you try this in WordPad, does it happen there as well? And is it happening in all of your projects or just the one?

Man. I even tried to triple check it. My default text editor is Notepad++ and I use Google Docs. Both have that and as does Gmail. (OneNote does its own thing.)

I guess that makes it just a really nice to have :frowning: