[NB] 'Remove Style' not fuctioning in Styles Pane.

At first, I thought it was only not working for the default styles, but I created a new style that I can’t get rid of.

Hello! To clarify, by ‘get rid of’ do you mean delete the style from the list of options or remove the style from a section of text that it is applied to?

I noticed the same thing. It’s a bit confusing. I assume “Remove Style” from the bottom of the pane window removes that styling from selected text. However, in the gear icon, you can “Delete Paragraph Style” to delete the custom style you created.

Still trying to figure all this out myself.

“Remove Style” removes the style from the selected text, setting it to “No Style” and the default formatting. The style is still available for application to other text in the project, and remains applied to any text that was already styled.

“Delete Style” completely deletes the style from the project, so that it is no long available in the style options. Any text previously assigned that style retains its formatting but no longer will have a style associated–it will be as though you took “No Style” text and then just formatted manually.

That said, we’re still ironing out some wrinkles in the Remove Style option to ensure it is resetting the formatting properly, so that could be throwing you off.