[NB] Reveal in Binder is inconsistent

Scrivener is doing better about keeping the correct item in the binder highlighted as I move around my project, but it’s inconsistent.

I’m not sure what other situations it fails to properly reflect where I am, but a simple text search, selection of an item in the Search Results list, and then clicking the “x” to the left of the “Search Results” fails to update the highlighting in the Binder. The Binder shows that I’m still in the document I was viewing prior to the text search. I have to click CTRL-SHIFT-8 for it to update properly and show which document I’m currently viewing.

Hi Skeptic23,

I believe this is working correctly, as the same behaviour occurs in the Mac version. Your position in the binder and your position in the Search Collection are remembered separately. This is the purpose of the “Reveal in Binder” option you mentioned.

As Bryan says, this is the intended behaviour, but using Navigate > Reveal in Binder (Ctrl-Shift-8) on the selected document in the search results will switch back to the main binder (like using the “x” button) but keeping the search result selected.

OK, not sure I made clear what I’m seeing, but I can still get around, so I’ll chalk it up to unfamiliarity with the Scrivener way (PC guy here, we kinda weird, or maybe it’s Apple guys, or all of us, lol.) I’ll get used to it. 8)

Admins: feel free to close this one.

This article, though older, might help explain how the main binder selection highlight works, and why it’s not intended as a reflection of the current document in the editor.

Scrivener 3 adds a secondary highlight in the binder which does show the current document, and it should be correct when you switch from the search results to the main binder if you’ve switched documents in the active editor. You can check that it is enabled under File > Options: Appearance: Binder–ensure that “Show current editor document indicator in binder” is selected. This indicator in the binder is distinguished from the main selection highlight by being a bit shorter and not spanning the width of the binder, just from the inside edge of the document icon to the right binder edge.

Thanks Jennifer!