[NB] Scrivener 3 Project

Good morning,
I read that on the MAC version the Scrivener files are combined into one file.
Will this also happen with the final version 3?
Or will they always be detached on Windows?
Thank you.

If you mean that on the Mac, what the user sees is a single “package” file, ‘project.scriv’, that they can open by double-clicking, then I doubt if that will ever come to the Windows version, as package files are specific to MacOS (and iOS). I think Windows users will always see ‘project.scriv’ as a directory within which they will have to locate the project.scrivx file to click to open.


No, they’re not. It only looks like that, to the user. In OS X there are files and folders, as in Windows, but also “packages” which are folders but with a setting to be displayed as a file because the user shouldn’t touch the content inside the folder.

Ok Thank you.
Now I understand.