[NB] Seeking reassurance on High Contrast themes

Wow, the Scriv3 beta is an incredible step up. Love being able to refer to multiple docs at a time.

Just a reminder that users of High-Contrast Windows themes will want their themes adhered to on menus as they are through the rest of the GUI. My High-Contrast Windows theme is actually low contrast, black over deep grey. It’s super in combating eye strain. Scriv3 Beta adheres, but not on top menus, as Scriv 1.9.7 does.


Understand that it’s just a first beta, but hope to hear that fix is on the list.

Thanks – Jerome

Thank you for raising this issue.

Oops, never mind. The Scriv Beta menus do indeed adhere to the high contrast theme. Windows themes just work better when they’re refreshed occasionally, when we switch to another theme and back to the first. Doing so here reset the menu display to our specified RGB color, both in the Scriv Beta and in the rich text editor Jarte.

Rgds – Jerome