[NB] Setting Default Font/Paragraph Style


In the attached screenshot I have the list of styles and the does not appear to be a basic “body” or “text” type style. All my non-special paragraphs are just “no style.”

I do realize I can set default formatting in document > style > set default formatting. (This appears to be the same as project settings.) But that does not appear to include font and size defaults for document.

Also, file > options > editing >formatting shows some ability to select fonts and set formatting defaults, but this is for new documents main style.

Is there a “main style” I can edit/update for a document, and how can I apply it to existing text that has messed up formatting.

Sorry if this is obvious. Any help appreciated. Not an emergency or urgent item, just I prefer styles over manual formatting pretty much always or at least as much as possible.


Create a paragraph in a document, and set its formatting the way you want it.
Use Format > Style > “New style from selection”. Name it, and it should appear in your list of styles.

There is no “normal” or “body” style like in Word. Styles essentially are for text that for some reason needs to have some special formatting when you Compile your text for output.

The standard font etc for the text is set in Tools->Options (if I remeber correctly) but it only affects new documents. To change the appearance of old text you need to select it all and set it to the standard formatting.

Remember that the way the text looks while you’re writing has nothing to do with what it looks like after you’ve compiled for output.

This is no help at all–I checked all the tabs and there is no choice for “Style” under any of them.

File > Options > Editing > Formatting. It says “Main text style for new documents”; click on the text in the window to highlight it, then use the buttons to set font etc.

That will be the “No Style” in new documents for all body text except where marked with specific styles like “Heading X”, “Block Quote” etc. and will become “Normal” on compile … which doesn’t have to be the same as in the editor so you can use different settings for PDFs, Word documents, e-books etc. without having to change your editor. That is the whole point of the separation of editing and compiling in Scrivener.

For existing documents that you want to change “No Style” to your newly defined one: open them in the Editor, then Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting…



Thanks Mark, lunk, yehuditrose, and rwfranze!

This has been great learning and info for me. After reading all your answers, I understood a lot more about Scrivener, and figured out how to do what I want.

There is no “normal” style like in Word. But, there is default formatting for a document. I can apply that default formatting to the entire document (Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting).

Or, I can apply default formatting to just a single paragraph or selection. To do this, select text, click on the style dropdown, select “No Style”.

Many thanks!