[NB] Show subdocument count in binder

In Scrivener for windows there is the option to show the subdocument count in binder. I use that to see how many scenes I have.
In Beta 64 (90712) of 30 jan 2018 I cannot find a way to enable this.
How can I get this option back to work?

I’m not sure if it is placed yet as I’m on the Mac at the moment, but it will be in the View ▸ Outline ▸ Show Subdocument Counts in Binder menu. This is a now per-project feature instead of a global switch.

Yes, that element is functional in the Windows Beta.

Took me a long while to find it. Reason is that “outline” is twice in the View menu, So when I saw the top one I selected it, I thus never came to the second one more towards the bottom.
Thanks again for the help.