[NB] [Suggestion][UI] Numerical control for PDF page selection is counterintuitive?

For what it’s worth… When viewing a PDF, the numerical control in the footer may be counter-intuitive, in that clicking up arrow results in moving down through document and clicking down moves up through the document. Makes sense as far as incrementing/decrementing page number numeric value, but is counter-intuitive as far as associated movement.

Scrivener beta (19429) 20 Nov 2017
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 10.0.15063

To clarify, in the Windows beta, the field that allows one to type in desired page number is accompanied by up/down arrow buttons that allow one to increment/decrement the desired page number. I’m referring to those, not the forward/back arrow buttons the input field is located between. Turns out that on Scrivener 3 for Mac OS X, the field (page icon till one clicks on it) is not accompanied by such up/down arrows for incrementing/decrementing the page number value (but is located between forward/back arrow buttons). Personally, for the Windows version, if the increment/decrement buttons are to be present (seems reasonable), I’d still lean to reversing their function so that up arrow corresponds to moving to earlier page and down arrow corresponds to later page, but I’ll adapt.

The problem comes from having the up/down arrows combined with the number input field, I would think. I just checked a couple of other apps (a few PDF readers, Word, Notepad++, etc.). None of them use a spinner control (I think that’s what that is called) where you can input a number OR use up/down) for Go To – it’s a generic input field, and then up/down and page up/down both correspond to the “physical” direction.

However, I will point out that there are spinner controls where “down” means “greater” – date and time spinners – so it’s not an unprecedented choice, just perhaps unusual in this context.

This is a standard Windows counter, with the up/down increasing or decreasing the number; it’s used elsewhere in the interface as well, with a consistent behaviour. As you note, there are also page back/page forward arrows to the left and right for flipping through pages.

FWIW, I would agree that the inclusion of the spinner control, with its standardized Windows function (up arrow +1, down arrow -1) is confusing. In fact, I came to post a bug report on it and found this thread before posting.

IMHO, it’s an unnecessary complication of the interface when the there are two other existing navigation options (the Next Page and Previous Page arrows on either side and the possibility of typing in a specific page number and pressing “Enter”.)

I would recommend one of the following:

  1. Inverse the spinner as suggested by the OP to become the Next Page / Previous Page UI element, and then change the previous / next arrows on either side to function like History arrows (which would be consistent with the history arrows in the Header View).


  1. Just dump the spinner altogether to avoid confusion. It really doesn’t add much functionality.