[NB] [Suggestion][UI] "Text" vs. "File" terminology usage

There is some inconsistency within the app in the use of “text” and “file” terminology.
When going to add an item to binder, choice is “text” vs. “folder”.
But when go to convert item type, choice is “file” for “folder”.
Standardize or perhaps combine into “text file”? Or use other term such as “document” or “item”?

Scrivener beta (19429) 20 Nov 2017
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 10.0.15063

Thanks, we’ll take a look. This is covered somewhat in the manual (in 1.9.7). In the case of referring to “Text”, it’s more specific than file or item, which could refer to any type of item in the binder–image, PDF, text, etc.–so there is call for that in some cases, such as under Add New.