[NB] Typewriter Scrolling Control when in Composition Mode

I can only turn Typewriter Scrolling on or off once in Composition Mode by using the shortcut CTRL+G, CTRL+T. Turning it on or off when not in Composition Mode does not apply once I enter Composition Mode again. The two Modes seem to work independently of each other.
Whereas on Mac 3.01, I can turn Trypwriter Scrolling on or off using the View menu or shortcuts when Composition mode is off and then when I enter Composition Mode, it uses what I had set last, even if I did so outside of Composition mode.
So I can turn it on and off in Composition Mode on 2903, but only using the shortcut. Not sure if this is intended behavior or not, but it is different from the behavior on the Mac.

The behavior you are seeing in the Wndows Beta is the same behavior as in Windows 1.9.7, so I’m sure it’s intentional. The two modes work independently of each other.


If the goal of Scrivener 3 for Windows is feature parity with Mac, then it seems more likely this is behavior from 1.x that was either unintentional (and nobody caught it) or was not important enough to fix at the time.

This behavior is intentional in Window 1.9.7, as per the manual 15.3.4.

Frankly, I didn’t realize/never knew that Mac worked differently in this area!

Whether it will be changed for Windows v3, I have no idea. But as you say, if they’re going for feature parity, then it makes sense they will modify it at some point to work same as Mac.

Because it makes feel for horizontal touchscreens. It leaves way greater area for the gesture so it gives you the precision for a protracted scroll. Instead of speedy swiping, you could have a completely lengthy managed scroll without missing anything at the way, and without needing to take your finger off the screen so frequently.

Hello! This is correct behaviour, both for the Windows and Mac versions. When starting Composition Mode for the first time, Typewriter mode is turned on automatically and may be disengaged. Both modes then work independently of each other.