[NB] (UI) (Suggestion) Toolbar icons

I know I’m probably going to get shot down for this but could you make it so we can revert to the original scrivener toolbar icons please? I find them much easier to pick out and find than the monochrome because the older ones have more colour. Also I need to make them bigger but I need to remember where that setting is.

À few things I cannot always use keyboard shortcuts because I type with one hand due to my disability so I use icons regularly. From a user stand point I find the old ones better as its easier to understand what each one does. I know you are just following a trend, but please think about accessibility and usability as well.

I know it fits in Windows 10, That’s one of the reasons I am sticking with Windows 7 for as long as possible. I just would like the option to change the icons for those users who need them more accessible and usable please.

One final thing, could you please make the tooltips bigger because they definitely seem smaller than those in

I do like the new features by the way. I will be singing your praises in another post.

mourning the old compile icon

I figured out you can modify the toolbars to have more icons available: View, then “Customize toolbars.” Click the thing you want on the left, then choose which toolbar you want it on in the top right box. Then click the blue arrow pointing to the right to add it to the toolbar. From the “Current Toolbar Actions” area, you can move things around by highlighting the thing and clicking the corresponding arrow (up/down). It took me awhile to figure out.

But, yeah, the new icons were jarring for a bit, there. Maybe an option to increase their size?

I could have sworn there was one in Scriv 1 but I can’t find it. Icons in Scriv 1 are slightly bigger though. Like I said monochrome makes it harder to locate stuff. Colour helped me find them easily.

I’m with you on this, Stacey. I find the muted colours, the very subtle highlighting, the lack of colour and emphasis hard to navigate.

Isn’t this a matter of ‘skins’? Couldn’t there be a couple of options preset that we could choose between - Muted, Regular, High Contrast - something like that?

Hi All,

Regarding toolbar icon colors - speaking for the 6-8% of males who have some degree of what is commonly referred to as red/green color-blindness (actually two separate situations - deuteranomaly and protoanomaly): They are greatly benefited by high-contrast, monochrome toolbar icons. The subtle color combinations often used icons (and other elements of interface design), while pleasing to most, are difficult or impossible to distinguish by some. In addition to a high-contrast monochrome theme, the best case scenario also includes visual cues other than color change such as a border being displayed around icons as the mouse pointer passes over the icon.

My two cents…


Thanks for your feedback. The new icons and overall design of Scrivener is intended to fit with the more modern look of Windows 10 and other apps, as someone noted upthread, so this does mean a simpler, flatter look, with less bulky icons and more breathing space around them. At the moment we’re still in process with this on Windows, so you’ve probably noticed that the highlight when mousing over items isn’t consistent–there are a few different colours at the moment, and some don’t show the highlight at all. We are working on cleaning that up, so mousing around should be a bit better in that regard. We will also be looking into making the app more compatible with the Windows High Contrast themes for increased accessibility.