[NB] Vertical split window backwards

When I create a vertical split window using the ALT key and clicking on the split window icon on the menu, the current window shifts to the right and the new window opens on the left which is the opposite of what I have seen in the past. I don’t know if this is a bug or if this is the intended appearance but I would like to have the current window stay on the left and the new window in the vertical split appear on the right.

Any comments?

Currently when there is no split in the editor it will remember which editor currently has focus, so if you previously chose the right editor and then clicked on the no-split icon to return to only one editor window, that editor will still be the right editor, though no left editor will be shown. So when a new split is created, the current editor will again be on the right.

To always have the active editor be the left editor, make sure to activate the left editor before selecting the no-split option.

Hope this answers your question.

Thank you for that answer, I was not expecting quite a sophisticated split window editor that it would remember which window had the focus last when in the split mode.

Now that I understand it, maybe I can figure out a good way to make use of this feature.

Thanks again!