[NB] "What's new in Scrivener 3"

At the end of the “Keywords” section of the “Metadata” page of the “What’s new in Scrivener 3” in the tutorial project of Windows Beta8, the last words on the page are "Okay, on to Snapshots”, but there’s no more on that page, the next page doesn’t cover snapshots, and from what I can see neither does any other pages of that what’s new thing.

So you probably left out something that was included in a previous version, or just forgot to write it.

“What’s New in Scrivener 3” is a collection of documents from the full tutorial, as a way of shortcutting to some of the really new features for those already familiar with an earlier version of Scrivener. As such, you’re reading the pieces out of context and will have some cases like this where the text is referring to the next document in the tutorial, which is not present in the small selection placed in the collection. Using Navigate > Reveal in Binder will show you where it belongs in the full framework so you can check out the snapshots document, if you like.