[NB] Where are Project Properties and metadata?

In Scriviner 1.9, the TITLE, AUTHOR NAME, etc, is all found in Project > Meta-Data Settings > Project Properties.

I can’t find this anywhere in Scrivener 3. (The Manual is still for 1,9, so that’s no help.)

Am I missing something?

These settings were moved over to the compile pane, since that was the only place they were really ever used anyway. Click on the Metadata tab on the right hand side of the overview screen. If you updated the project from 1x, they may already be migrated over for you.

By the way, while the screenshots and many of the specifics will be inaccurate (mostly in the Options appendix), the Mac version of the 3.0 manual should help with some of the basics like this. The “What’s New” appendix has a list of pointers for stuff that has been moved, renamed, etc.

Incidentally, the “hold Alt down to save current settings instead of compiling” option doesn’t work. This is in the Beta version (476684).

@thorowitz: “hold Alt down to save current settings instead of compiling” option works indeed. You might have a different keyboard and/or issues with the Alt key mapping.

Works here. Well. Correction.

Hold Alt down while the compile dialog box is open to the metadata pane, to show the SAVE dialog, and then click SAVE while still holding alt down.

Holding Alt down only changes the dialog box from Compile to Save Settings; it doesn’t actually save the settings. You still have to click “Save” for that to happen.

However, if you do Alt-Tab, Alt-Tab, while in the Compile Metadata dialog box you’ll come back to the Save Dialog box, and holding alt down is no longer necessary for that instance (not sure if that’s a bug or intentional). When you use this trick, there is a bug (of sorts); you need to type the alt key again to let you close the window; clicking the “x” for the box will not close it unless you do.

Usually it does. However (bug report)

Occasionally Alt will NOT switch to the save dialog box, but if you tap Alt again, it will work fine.

It acts like something isn’t loaded properly until I hit the Alt key, and then it loads, but it’s lost the keystroke it loaded for. And it’s only sometimes. It seems related to the first compile of the session, but I can’t be sure. I’ve seen this a couple of times, now, in Beta 14.

Please post this in a new topic as it is a new bug report. Thank you.