[NB]You can add a new collection without naming it, remove the name from all collections, name collections the same name

Not sure if you consider this a bug or somewhat poor design (or good design, but I do not see the benefit of the way it works!). When adding a new Collection, I have the ability to name the collection. By default it present me with a name ‘New Collection’. Then if I click elsewhere (since New Collection has been selected, it is replaced by empty space), or backspace the entry, then it turns up with a blank name. And I can name all my Collections blank or all the same name if I like.

This seems like it is confusing and counter-productive to the purpose of having a Collection or multiple Collections in the first place. I think (1) you should be forcing the Collection to have a name, and (2) they should be unique names, or at least a warning provided if you attempt to name it the same as another Collection.

It’s not a bug, just a design choice, and the same as on macOS. There’s no harm in having collections of the same name, or no name at all if that’s what you want, and it’s simple to rename a collection by double-clicking in its tab, so there’s not a reason to force the user to provide a unique name.

OK. It seems like the flexibility could get someone confused more than I can see it being beneficial, but understand it is a design choice and working as expected.