Nearly impossible to find where to download the latest beta

This is feedback. I have been uisng the beta for at least 6 months now and my experience has been extremely bad. But not the using of the beta, which has been wonderful. It’s how to FIND the latest download version. Because past the expiration date, I cannot launch the latest beta (Why ?) and it does not point me to the new link. Now I think I found the new link for beta 18, but the post in the announcement says 2018…so at first I disregarded it.
Then it seems only the 32 bit is available.
So it seems to me it would not be difficult to make it so much more easier to use the beta, find it and keep working with it. And I would expect the team to do that, because the official 3.0 version is way, way late. So it’s fine, take your time, put the priority on mac, but then spend the 2 hours of development work making it easier to find, install and update the beta.

Also, the forum does not allow to sort by date posted. Again, why does the latest version 18 announcement have a date in 2018…?


I already postet that months ago, since we always have exactly this question in supporting usergroups.

Unfortunately there was no reaction of a scrivener team member :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I have a bookmark in my browser that points to the beta download page. I also have the URL stored in a text expansion utility so that whenever I need to introduce someone to its existence, I can just type in .lnl-wbeta/ and poof I’m done.

If we changed the URL every single time, both bookmarks and stored URLs would become useless.

In essence the Title and Message is the only items that can be changed to reflect the update whereas the original post is timestamped and cannot be altered. And as I have the beta location also bookmarked I will also always see the update because its the first place that I come to since I’m with others testing the software as with using the update feature that now works unlike several builds before.

And as has been explained before, the reason they don’t have or keep old beta’s available is so that they don’t have to worry about previous found bugs from other builds that would be considered obsolete, or a hindrance as: A) they were already noted and fixed. B) They might have been found internally and fixed. C) Unknown’s in relevant as some updates may fix undiscovered problems.

And if you were on an old Beta version and reported the bug they would just inform you to update to the newer one anwyays.

So in essence would be to just bookmark the page as I’m sure a lot of us have done so already.

Looking in the post that says BETA 18 Download links in tthe TITLE ]with two links one marked 64bit and one 32 bit is hard.?

After the first time… it should be the easiest to fine. You should try finding back versions of CAMTASIA!

It has been there since the beginning so you can go EVERY time to the same EXACT place. Your frustration is from not wanting to follow the signs and assuming you know where is should be vs where is has always been.

You only consider people like the TO who just forgot to run the update via Scrivener in time.
But what about the people who are visiting the beta forum for the first time? The don’t have an idea about version numbers oder static locations of a specific thread. They only see the date of the post and the date of the last answer.

As suggested before: Is it really so hard to add the release date into the title when changing the version number? And type a reply to that thread, so that at least the last reply shows some kind of actuality?

AmberV, the fact that you need a text shortcut for the link shows that there must be a lot of questions about that. Did you never think of just making it a little bit easier for the crowd?

You make a good point, we should do better to reply to the thread so that those subscribed to it get the notification.

As for the text shortcut, I’ve maybe used it a few times for people who were lost. Most of the time I use it to help people who aren’t even aware of the fact that there is a forum, much less a beta, but are looking for news on development. :slight_smile: Most people don’t think to visit a software’s homepage.