Need a bit of help with the Composiion Mode.


firstly, in the composition mode, is there an option that keeps the paper width left and right of the text exactly equal? When I use the paper width slider it only changes the width on the right side of the text and I have to take a ruler and very carefully slide the slider until the paper width on the right is the same as on the left… :unamused:

Secondly, I set the space left and right from the text in the editor to exactly 2.5 cm. However in composition mode it adds over 1 cm to that. Why is that? How can I keep everything like I set in in the editor when going into composition mode?

Thanks :smiley:

(In the second screenshot I slid the slider on the right purposely far to the left to demonstrate that the spaces don’t retain an equal width left and right from the text.