Need a critical eye!

Wock and other members:

I apologize for the tone of my comments yesterday. Ironically, now that I read over my last post, I sounded childish. I should’ve either responded to a more civilized discussion, or refrained from posting, at least until I cooled off. I hope there are no hard feelings and we can continue to harass each other in the future.

No need to apologize to me. I figured it was just like any other family reunion south of the line. Lots of drinking followed by lots of yelling followed by lots of drinking followed by fried chicken and cole slaw.

Me either,

tho I have to say I would rather be doing all this @ Jayson’s reunion. Our Irish ones, well there is the drinking, and then, well, there is the driking, but I could do with that Southern Fried Chicken to gnaw rather than a paddy punch :slight_smile: course i am joking.

It would seem fine folk, I am told, I am 10yrs behind in my thinking? I asked him, why then sir am I thinking what you you where thinking 30 yrs ago??


Bring on those topics :smiley:

So the Flanigan and Thompson side of me are true to form. From what I have seen of the Welsh so is the O’Dell side. McGregor is Scot as near as I can tell from looking at the family tree and any country that came of with haggis clearly needed the scotch.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the rest of the south but my clan is just being true to it’s nature.

Keep in mins he may not be good at maths.

Well I dare say Jaysen you must be the man that broke the mould! I bet debating is a top subject for you. By God sir you need congratulating, by rights you should be 100% proof, flat on your back and flailing your fists, but it seems you got the gift of the gab instead.

I bow out
respectfully yours

Mr Thomos, O’dell, Flannigan Mc Gregor Sir
Unique you are

If I have transgressed in any way, it is merely my irish sense of humour, no pun nor insult intended :blush:

No no no! This is all fun! the booze just makes our love of arguing that much more interesting as no one can remember what they yelled about last night and we start over in the morning!

Drunken arguments on politics, religion, and which color pigeons make the best racers are just part and parcel of the blood line.

It’s like Pa’s advice at the last family cockfighting event. After three quarts of moonshine, he said to me, “Boy, you can take the dog out of the fight*, and quit eyeballing your sister.”

  • Sticking rooster feathers up the dog’s ass didn’t fool him one bit. He’s an astute man.

Ever notice how family trees south of the line look like braided rope?

No need for any apologies Jaysen said it right. Like a good old southern family reunion except we can’t all chase the same cousin. :slight_smile:

I do not think you came off childish. You sound passionate and you were defending something you believe in. That I respect. I think the big issue is text alone does not convey emotion very well or intent. I think many misunderstandings can come from the fact that text alone leaves too much up for misinterpretation.

I bet if me you and Jaysen had this same discussion in person it would go more like this.

(1) We would be drunk.
(2) Probably shooting pool.
(3) Laughing are asses off.
(4) Would have solved all the worlds problems.
(5) Would have probably “borrowed” a riding lawnmower and done donuts at the local football field.

  1. would be so hung over we wouldn’t remember what position we took the night before and we start all over with opposite views the next day.

I blame the parents!! :open_mouth: