Need a lot of hep with bullet points

Hi I’m not sure if anyone can help but this is driving me nuts.

I have searched to see if anyone else has this issue but all I can find are issues with double indents on bullet points and although that is one of my problems it is not all of it.

I am editing a 110,000 book for a client and every time I send him the compiled word (which I convert to PDF) the compile is changing

  1. the indents.
  2. turning the bullet points into numbered points
  3. I’d like to know how I can search ‘find’ formatting all ‘bullet points’ there does not seem to be a find option for bullet or list formatting paragraphs. It is a big book so I just need to fix the issue in one full sweep once I find the solution…without having to scan every page for bullet point in the book

I read somewhere that indents might be fixed if I change ‘Layout options in compile settings’ but that is not working either.

Please can someone help me compile my bullet points correctly

As I say, I have searched for someone with the same problem but I can only find chats about the indenting issue not the rest and even those solutions dont seem to help me

Hi, Im not sure if this thread is still active but I am trying to find ALL BULLET point formatting in a project. Do you know if this this possible please?

Sorry for the previous post I ended up deleting.
I thought I had found a way, but the search engine rather finds pretty much everything using the setting I was proposing. Which of course is a no go.
I don’t think it can be done – or so, so far it seems.

Thanks Vincent. So frustrating. Scrivener is transforming all bullet points into numbered points when I compile. It is driving me nuts as it is a 110,000 word document and every single time I compile I have to go through the document page by page to fix it manually before sending it to my client

I just compiled the bullet list I created to experiment on, and the bullet remained as bullets.
It has then to be a setting in the compile panel.
Will investigate.

ah ok! thank you :slight_smile: and did the indents stay the same?

another question then: is there a way of searching for all bullet pointed paragraphs in a scrivener documents so i can check they are all formatted right?

Here’s a screenshot of the resulting PDF

2022-02-01 15_16_08-Window

oh my lord! i think you are right! i just went into the compile settings and unticked all the boxes in the transformations boxes and somewhere else too - even though dont know what any or them mean (!) and it has compiled correctly

still i would like to know how to search for them all in scrivener and in word docs without having to scroll the entire documents which is what i am doing now

If there is a way to search for bullet lists in a document or across a project, I couldn’t find any.

As for the checkboxes in the transformation pane, I can’t reproduce the issue you encountered… Maybe you suffered a temporary fluke that you happened to untie.
I have no clue.

nor me…but I’m scrolling and at least now i have scrolled all 200 ish pages and all the bullet points are correct!

argh!!! no they’re not…there are still some which are transforming into numbered points!!! arghghghghg

A regEx search for \t[0-9]* finds numbered bullets.

stack overflow

Thank you so much.

It is still transforming some bullet points into numbered points. This is costing me money the time that I am spending trying to work this scrivener glitch out. Scrivener people!!! Calling you tech people who created this amazing program please help!!! How can I get their attention Vincent? :slight_smile:

You should create a new unique thread with a detailed report of the bug.
Mark that new thread as “bug” in the categories.
Hopefully Amber or another supreme being roaming the forum will address it.

I did create a new thread
You have a great idea there though - I will tag it as a ‘bug’ as if cockroach bait

ha ha how do i find the thread i posted myself!? so i can add that tag ‘bug’?

2022-02-01 15_40_41-Window

thank you and then i found it but can’t work out how to tag it