Need a lot of hep with bullet points

Send a private message to Amber with a link to your mislabeled thread.
I see you also created the thread in the Mac section of the forum…
She’ll (most probably) fix it up for you.

That’s Amber :
2022-02-01 15_46_01-Window

P.S. In a bug thread, you should stick to the bug and its detailed description.

thank you vincent…i don’t know how all this works really

is that amber thing you sent me supposed to be a link?

i dont mean ‘thing’ i mean ‘amber identity’ ! sorry

No. It as a real person.
That is her graduation pic.
Look for her in the windows forum.
Click on her graduation picture ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) and send her a private message, explaining you misplaced your thread. Add a link to your thread in the message. Then wait.

there is no graduation pic…just the scrivener logo and no link

Look for that logo among the other users logos.
(The graduation picture part was intended as a joke…)

Geez, that’s from 2020
And I see Kewms already gave you the instructions to open a ticket.

sorry not much humour right now…have been working for 11 hours

i cant find the link to the post or thread i posted today regarding bullets nor the link…im giving up for now. it is late here. i just want to wake up with a solution so i can send the client the document next time without having to correct every bullet point manually…it is so time consuming and i have 5 other clients to take care of. oh dear.

where was i given instructions on how to open a ticket?

Message @kewms or @AmberV

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you have endeavoured to help above and beyond the call of duty thank you. will be back same time tomorrow :slight_smile:

i have no idea how to message someone!

giving up for now…if you know a way of tagging them that would be a great help. if not i will try again tomorrow (Im on UK time and it’s well beyond my work hours now)

Either click in drmajorbob’s post’s link or tag her in the thread (which will signal your post to her) as he just did.

Inked2022-02-01 16_10_53-Window_LI

Tags are @ followed by each person’s short name. Mine is @drmajorbob. Start with @ and discourse will suggest names, or you can type the name if you know it. Click on a tag, and discourse offers a Message option.

Okay, I’ve changed the tag to #bug and merged the conversation together with the report. If anything else needs moderation, let me know, as this has 2km of one-liners to scroll through. :smiley: