Need advice about compiling a synopsis

I’ve managed to compile a synopsis. For each section, the synopsis consists of the title in the binder, plus the synopsis text that I enter.

I want to compile ONLY the synopsis text and not the binder title. (My binder titles contain coding information that would be confusing in the context of a synopsis.).

If there is a way to do what I want, I will probably need a detailed explanation. Thanks in advance!

This is certainly doable, and an option for this even comes out of the box using the “Outline Document” compile preset. Once you’ve selected that, click in the middle section of the compile pane to assign section layouts and scroll to the bottom to select the “Synopsis” layout for your sections. This includes just the synopsis text without the binder title or any added numbering, etc.

Does that get basically what you’re after? If so, you can tweak this however you like, changing the font, adding indentation per level, changing the separators between sections, etc. by double-clicking the Outline Document preset and selecting to duplicate and edit. (You can change the font without even bothering with that just by using the global font override at the top of the Section Layouts area in the compile pane.) In the compile format designer you can give your edited preset a new name, choose to save it as either part of this project (“Project Formats”) or for use in any of your projects on the computer (“My Formats”).

MimeticMouton, YES! I got my synopsis. Thanks.